The speed of technology evolution is seen as a powerful source of change generation, but it is not just talking about technologies, but also about the fusion with the physical and virtual world. Customer expectations about products and services and changes in consumer trends are what define the requirements of this new socio-economic era, requiring companies to have the necessary agility and flexibility to respond to market changes.


Accurate information. Understanding of the organisation. Alternatives for improvement.

We carry out diagnoses of complex situations based on an understanding of the dynamics of our clients’ processes. Through an exhaustive analysis of the processes we detect critical factors and propose solutions that improve the performance of your organisation. For this we follow international best practices such as BA-PMI™ and IIBA™.


Planning. Monitoring and control. Execution. Compliance in time and form.

We apply Project Management according to the PMI™ international standard with PMP™ certified professionals. Our service includes, among others, Project Plan, Scope, Deadlines, Costs and Risk Analysis. Years of experience and an extensive portfolio of clients speak for our expertise and track record in this discipline.


Process management and intelligence. Business Process Management (BPM). Standardisation. Statistical reporting. Clear instructions. Simulations.

Our experienced team of engineers and analysts carry out the survey of methods, time and statistical evaluation of historical data. We improve your organisation’s performance by applying process mapping methodologies and mathematical tools to study different business phenomena. We rely on international standards such as the CBoK™.


We collaborate with our clients in the collection of data, its analysis and generation of reports to help them in Decision Making. We create dashboards designing the most appropriate indicators (KPIs) for your organisation. We carry out dynamic simulations, both for processes and projects, in order to test new solutions before their implementation.


Attention to customer requirements, suitability for purpose or use, compliance with specifications, characteristics of a product or service or conformity to requirements … all definitions of “Quality”. Beyond the definitions, the important thing is that the Quality of Products or Services is a key aspect for any type of organisation.

Minimising “waste” through LEAN methodology, or reducing variations and errors through 6-SIXMA or certifying standards such as ISO, together with Process Management, are just some of the strategies to achieve this objective.
Activus™ offers you solutions tailored to your needs, through its specialists with a long experience in these disciplines.

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