Activus™ regularly publishes articles on Strategic Management, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

This is possible thanks to its interdisciplinary team, experienced professionals who work not only in the business field, but also in the academic field.

As an innovative company in management, Activus™ studies and analyses new trends, generates its own content on the latest disciplines and practices available, and shares its experience with the community.

Activus™ accompanies the evolution and transformation of organizations and society. Its mission in this area is to communicate innovations, trends and new management practices of organizations to the professional community.

Activus™ has collaboration agreements with USAL – Universidad del Salvador, by which its workshops and seminars are approved, allowing attendees to receive a certificate with the endorsement of said Institution.

All the courses, workshops and seminars described are built based on conceptual references and experiential activities that make practice possible. In those courses, seminars and workshops, practical cases are exposed and analysed in order to be able to apply the theoretical concepts in the real world. All of them can be in-house and adaptable to customer needs.


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